MONFALCONE – A hell weekend for cruises in Monfalcone: Saturday, July 3, the first appointment with MSC will take place, while interference with commercial traffic is feared.The sector unions raised fears, but a meeting yesterday seems to have dispelled any doubts, also because Saturday and Sunday are traditionally days off for the Port of Monfalcone.
During the meeting – the Municipality of Monfalcone said in a note – it has been confirmed that cruises represent an opportunity for the area.
In the month, three cruises Msc will call at Monfalcone and precisely also on weekends 10/11 and 17/18 July. The company’s choice, which has counted on Monfalcone thanks to its strategic position of proximity to Trieste and Venice, is due to technical needs. The G20 meeting and the “Festa del Redentore” in the lagoon city prevent the docking of ships arriving and departing for Croatia. The “white ships” (Msc Orchestra and Magnifica) will be moored on the northern part of the quay, while the cruise passengers will leave along Via Vittorio Veneto.
«We do not fly fancy, but we want to live this experience as an opportunity», commented the mayor of Monfalcone, Anna Maria Cisint, in recent days. Yesterday’s meeting among the Municipality, the trade unions and the Port Network Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea also served to deal with the numerous issues on the worktable precisely regarding public investments in Portorosega.
In particular, the point was made on the start of the works to be carried out with the 4 million euros allocated by the Region.
The Authority, on the other hand, has communicated the start of the asphalting works starting from July 1, while in September, those for the connection to the sewers, for the light towers and for an area dedicated to nautical, technical services will begin, together with the changing rooms for staff according to article 17 of L84/94.
Finally, an invitation to act quickly came from Mayor Cisint on establishing a Simplified logistics area and on the use of the 6 million euros allocated for the “cold ironing” of the docks.