MONFALCONE – Yesterday, Spliethoff made a “spot” stop at the port of Monfalcone, after abandoning the service due to the lack of integration with cruise traffic.
The general cargo ship Floragracht left the port this afternoon after loading – with an almost record production – 4000 tons of steel bars, bound for Gibraltar. After the controversy of the past months regarding the allegedly impossible coexistence between “white ships” and commercial traffic, the Dutch company had decided to abandon the line with the American continent, now considered historical for the port of Monfalcone.
In reality, contacts between Compagnia Portuale (a subsidiary of F2i Holding Portuale together with MarterNeri) and Spliethoff have never ceased. In agreement with the Municipality, the Port Authority is proceeding to find a solution to integrate the two types of traffic. Also, the forthcoming assignment of the new concessions should Spliethoff call Portorosega again.