MONFALCONE – The TO Delta group, also present in the Port of Trieste, where it manages the container terminal with TMT, has sold Compagnia Portuale di Monfalcone to F2i Sgr. According to a press release, the takeover will be carried out by FHP, the port holding company of F2i, controlled by the F2i Third Fund (42%) and by the F2i-ANIA Fund (58%).
The FHP Group thus strengthens its presence in the Northern Adriatic with the acquisition of a second terminal in Monfalcone, after that of Marter Neri and the sites of Mestre and Chioggia. Considering Carrara and Livorno, the total rises to eight, with a turnover of 110 million euros and over 500 employees.
TCPM and Marter Neri’s Monfalcone terminals, which are physically contiguous, will operate as a single entity after the acquisition, with the aim – says the Group – of achieving operational efficiencies to the benefit of operators and the reference area.
“The establishment of the long-awaited national bulk pole will allow the port to expand its area of ​​influence internationally”, the note continues.
The reference is to the strategic plan launched in 2018 by F2i to create a nationwide operator in the port sector of bulk goods, everything that cannot be transported in containers: steel products, cereals, cellulose, fertilisers. The project is part of a strategic sector for the national economy. Indeed, 70% of Italy’s imports and 50% of its exports are transported by sea, for an annual value of 160 billion euros.
«The industrial design created by F2i, which may be further expanded in the coming months, is aimed at creating a financially solid operator capable of implementing technological and process innovations aimed at improving the efficiency of port logistics activities, integrated by land with rail transport through CFI, the largest independent national operator that has recently become part of F2i’s industrial platform,» commented Renato Ravanelli, managing director of F2i Sgr.
TO Delta Group, which in the Port of Trieste shares with MSC Trieste Marine Terminal, thus renounces the binomial container-various goods in the two ports, both managed by the Port Network Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea.
With the takeover, the Authority should also close the concessions and work organisation issue in the Port of Monfalcone, pursuant to articles 16 and 18 of Law 84/1994.