TRIESTE – Starting from July 7th, 2021, from Ambarli port (Turkey), a new Short sea option will be available by CMA CGM.  The weekly rotation will be: AMBARLI / GEBZE / GEMLIK / TRIESTE / KOPER / VENICE / MALTA / AMBARLI, made by 850 teu vessels.The shipping company call the service in a statement “our fastest ever sustainable maritime bridge between Western Turkey & Adriatic”. As a matter of fact, the aims are to optimize the supply chain (in line with the 2 other TMX services launched over the past months), transportation lead-time and costs.
The existing intermodal network combined with shortened vessels port stay (less than 8 hours) will accelerate the lead-time reference: Gemlik-Munich will be possible within seven days.
This Turkey-Italy-Slovenia Express service will provide new gateway possibilities to route the cargoes destined to Eastern and Central Europe locations (Germany, Benelux, Austria, Hungary, Czech. Rep, Slovakia, Poland).