TRIESTE – A delegation of the Parliamentary Anti-Mafia Commission has today met in Trieste the President of the Port Authority, Zeno D’Agostino.
The meeting took place during the Commission’s visit to Friuli Venezia Giulia. The analysis allowed the parliamentarians to exclude serious infiltration by organized crime in the region while emphasizing its presence and the need to keep a very high attentiveness to the phenomenon.
The reference, in particular, was made to the port of Trieste, which is waiting for substantial public funding (416.5 million euros only from the Complementary Fund) and potential private investments.
Senator Marco Pellegrini (M5S), who chairs the Anti-Mafia Commission, explained that he had asked President D’Agostino for a memo on the organization of the International Free Port of Trieste, which was considered very interesting and therefore potentially “exportable” to other ports of call on the national territory, especially in the field of IT control tools. The Commissioners were very impressed by the competence of Mr D’Agostino and underlined how the port of Trieste is very important also in the future perspective.
«From all the hearings carried out, we have ascertained that there is no rooting, no structuring of the mafias in Friuli Venezia Giulia, but there are signs of very high risks of infiltration and therefore attentiveness must be high also because here will come a lot of money for the Pnrr, from 1.2 billion to, perhaps, even 2 billion, a mass of money with which many investments are planned that will be tempting for organized crime. And for this, we need a contrast action implemented in the best way,» said Senator Pellegrini.
«In Fvg – has added the deputy Nicola Pellicani (Pd) – there are some exponents of families of Cosa Nostra, as of the family of camorrists of Licciardi». “Maximum attentiveness” was also indicated for Fincantieri.
The police are already paying attention to the territory, with a general of the Guardia di Finanza and Carabinieri officers coming from investigative experiences in Sicily.