TRIESTE – The Austrian real estate company Go Asset is building an industrial logistic park to serve the ports of Koper and Trieste. The facility in Slovenia near the Italian border will occupy an area of ​​26 hectares.
The warehouses will provide investors with a total area of ​​approximately 120,000 square meters. They will be strategically located in the municipality of Sežana, near the highway and therefore near the ports of Koper and Trieste. Thanks to its position, the distribution center acts as a hub for both Slovenian and international logistics suppliers, as well as for end users, manufacturers, automotive suppliers and e-commerce companies.
As explained by the communication company in charge of illustrating the project, the main activity will be packaging, sorting the goods of the containers coming from the two ports.
The approximately 50 million euro investment is part of the 200 million that Go Asset (based in Vienna and operating in Austria, Central and Eastern Europe since 2006) will use in projects between Slovenia and Slovakia. One of these is also near Dunajská Streda, the destination of one of the railway services connecting Pier VII of Trieste’s port to Eastern Europe.
Within the year, the first department store of approximately 50,000 square meters is expected to be built, which will be used by TEDI, a company founded in Dortmund in 2004 and leader in the non-food retail sector.
TEDI has decided to add an international logistics centre to the existing facilities in Germany. Through the port of Koper, the logistics and distribution activities for the central and south-eastern European areas will be carried out by Sežana. The start of activities is scheduled for 2022.
Log Center Adria, the company’s name that will manage the logistics complex, foresees future developments for what is called “the largest logistics park between Venice and Graz”. In fact, in recent months, the involvement of local commercial partners has been sought for the construction and subsequent management of the centre. Log Center Adria assumes the creation of more than 400 direct and indirect jobs.