TRIESTE – After the reopening of railway Gate 4 in 2016, Gate 2 in Punto Franco Nuovo in the Port of Trieste also reopens. The intervention is part of the set of maintenance works carried out by the Port Network Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea for a value of over 1 million euros and is in addition to the works carried out by RFI on the Parenzane beam in the station of Trieste Campo Marzio. Gate 2 will allow the independent, and therefore simultaneous, shunting of trains arriving and departing from Molo V and Molo VI with those coming from Molo VII using Gate 4. The result will be an increase in the dynamic capacity of the port’s railway system in terms of trains handled per day.
This operation is undoubtedly one of the most relevant because it leads to manage more trains on the single terminals simultaneously and to have independence between the shunting, which until now was not possible within the port area, reads a note of the Authority.