TRIESTE – Costa Cruises has decided to move to Monfalcone the Deliziosa call, scheduled for tomorrow in Trieste. On the contrary, a final decision will be taken in the next few hours for the Costa Luminosa, which was due to arrive in Trieste on Sunday.
“Because of the situation Trieste is currently experiencing, and of the order issued by the authorities prohibiting cruise ships from embarking/disembarking in Trieste in the next few days, the Costa Deliziosa will call at Monfalcone tomorrow. The company is currently working with all the organizations involved to ensure a smooth and regular embarkation procedure. Costa’s top priority – says the company – is to guarantee the safety of its guests both onboard and ashore. Costa is accordingly updating its guests with a re-routing plan for their embarkation/disembarkation from the port of Monfalcone. As far as Costa Luminosa’s call is concerned, the company is evaluating the situation in consultation with the Authorities”.
No alternative Porto Vecchio as last week in Trieste, because the logistic and safety problems would have been the same.
After the recent launch of the port of Monfalcone as an alternative for cruises from Venice, the Portorosega port of call is now also proposed as an option if there are contingent situations in Trieste that may interfere with the berths already scheduled.