TRIESTE – It will be a “dress rehearsal” weekend with five cruise ships, starting tomorrow between Trieste and Monfalcone. On Saturday in Trieste, there will be MSC Splendida (which continues its scheduled season) and Costa Deliziosa. The MSC Orchestra will arrive at Monfalcone. Deliziosa and Orchestra have been diverted because the G20 is being held in Venice.
The former will moor in Porto Vecchio, experimenting with what could be a stable solution in the future of cruising in Trieste. It is not excluded, in fact, that the current Adriaterminal, managed by C. Steinweg-GMT, could become a permanent cruise terminal in the next few years. It covers 90 thousand square metres (28 thousand square metres of warehouse and 62 thousand square metres of open space), with a 570-metre quay, currently dedicated to non-ferrous metals and steel traffic.
On Sunday 11 July, two more ships will arrive: Costa Luminosa at Trieste (Molo Bersaglieri) and Msc Magnifica at Monfalcone.
MSC Splendida has its homeport in Trieste for the summer of 2021. On 12 June, a round table was organised onboard the ship, followed by the traditional “Maiden Call” ceremony.
«MSC is the first entrepreneurial entity present in the port of Trieste, combining the passenger and cargo sectors. The dialogue between the port and the company is fundamental also for the infrastructural part. In this regard, more than 400 million will arrive in Trieste thanks to the PNRR, of which 40 million for the electrification of the quays. We want cruise tourism in Trieste and Monfalcone not to create inconveniences for the urban area, and on this basis, we will work together thanks to the funds that are arriving to change the face of the port sustainably» declared Zeno D’Agostino, President of the Port Network Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea.
The Costa Luminosa, on the other hand, had started the season from Trieste on 16 May. It was the company’s second ship to resume operations in 2021, out of four scheduled for next summer, and the first-ever to resume cruises in the Adriatic Sea and Greece. Costa Luminosa’s one-week itinerary includes Trieste, Bari and Greece. It will be available throughout the next summer season and part of the autumn, until mid-November 2021, for a total of 27 cruises.