TRIESTE – The extraordinary Commissioner for Venice cruises has published a notice for expressions of interest on the adaptation works of the Liguria and Lombardia quays in Marghera port to the cruise traffic.
The areas of intervention concern the two container terminals Vecon (Liguria quay) and TIV (Lombardia quay). In the first case, a maximum amount for the works of 1.35 million euros is estimated. In the second case, of 2.65 million euros.
The interventions are planned as part of the urgent measures for protecting waterways of cultural interest and the preservation of Venice, provided by the decree-law of July 2021 that prevented access to Venice to the “big ships”. A maximum of five temporary docking points in the Marghera area have been announced, also intended for passenger ships of 25,000 GT or more.
The works at the Vecon terminal will concern the Liguria quay and a stretch of state-owned road. This way, a temporary berth for cruise ships and a functional terminal for passenger flow management will be built.
Similarly, the Lombardia quay of the TIV terminal will see the construction of a new docking point and the creation of a passenger terminal.
The Extraordinary Commissioner (the Chairman of the Port Authority, Fulvio Lino Di Blasio) specifies that, for both the first and the second intervention, “… the time required to complete the works is set at 105 (one hundred and five) natural and consecutive days from the date of the urgent works delivery report to be signed at the same time as the final awarding”.
The question relating to the scheduling of mooring dates for the cruise season in 2022 remains on the table. The general manager of VTP Galliano Di Marco has recently expressed himself on the subject, while Vecon has given his willingness to find a solution that allows the two types of traffic to be integrated on the same quay.