TRIESTE – Ceccarelli Group has a new location, that of Transfriuli in Tavagnacco, near Udine. The Friuli-based transport and logistics company has decided to invest to meet the sector’s challenges in the post-Covid 19 period. By 2022, two more logistics plants will follow in Pradamano and Tolmezzo. But for now, it is Transfriuli that is already at work as the industrial transport division of Ceccarelli Group, with headquarters in Udine and branches in Trieste and other regions (Milan, Padua and Prato). The surplus of goods, effect of Covid 19, touches today the whole regional logistic-distributive network of Friuli Venezia Giulia: machinery, chemical products, pharmaceuticals and metallurgy, food and clothing, and other highly demanded products have difficulties in reaching their destination. President Luca Ceccarelli said he had chosen «a location that was almost ready for use and had little modernization work to do rather than building a new one, consuming even more land. This has allowed us to be immediately operational». The aim is to provide the fastest and most efficient service possible, given the needs of businesses in this period of the restart after the block imposed by the pandemic. The new headquarters in Tavagnacco is 5 thousand square meters large (2 thousand covered) and is located in front of the building that used to house Hypo Bank: this is a change of course in the world of transport with the request for a “return to the warehouse”, after years in which just-in-time production was the most common. Suppose the international scenarios are not the same anymore. In that case, Ceccarelli Group will carry out cross-docking operations, fast loading and unloading of goods, thanks to the Transfriuli site. Using the 60 available vehicles, the company will be able to recover the goods and group them by area, at this point reload them and send them to their final destination. Transfriuli’s operations manager Michele Pez explains that «in the Tavagnacco facility, which can count on ten loading docks, preference will be given to transport without transhipment, i.e. the collection of goods directly from customers to complete the vehicle and send it directly for delivery».