TRIESTE – A train loaded with lumber returned to the tracks of Scalo Legnami from Austria last night. Beyond the single convoy that does not represent a rail service, the event is emblematic of what could be a new course for the terminal.
The load on 16 wagons, coming from a sawmill in Northern Austria after passing through Villach South, was unloaded this morning to allow the train to depart. Despite the presence of trains inside the yard (the last one should date back to about four years ago), the memory of a load of timber with a direct train to the terminal dates back to about fifteen years ago. The tracks have been used for a few trains loaded with trucks with nearby destinations during this period. However, it should be noted that the connection and the tracks inside the terminal (which includes the old Scalo Legnami and the Logistic Platform) are new, totally redesigned.
The Scalo Legnami is now managed by HHLA Plt Italy (the Italian subsidiary of the company that manages the Port of Hamburg) together with the Logistics Platform, with a view to the construction of the future Molo VIII as a second container terminal.
The traffic related to the train in question is not new, but it is the first time this means of transport has been used, with the immediate consequence of eliminating trucks from the traffic behind the city.
It goes without saying, as Antonio Barbara (CEO of Hhla Plt Italy) confirms, that in the coming months, we will try to trigger a virtuous circle to make this train a catalyst for new traffic. First of all, they will try to organize a flow of goods towards Austria, hoping that other trains will follow the example.
Even if in this case it has not yet been used for bureaucratic reasons, Scalo Legnami (as well as the Logistic Platform) has recently been provided with a new railway link that allows direct access of trains to the international network without passing through Campo Marzio.