TRIESTE – The Management Committee of the Port Network Authority of the Northern Adriatic Sea has appointed today Antonella Scardino to lead the technical-operational secretariat of the Authority.
Forty years old, management engineer, an expert in complex projects in the public and private sectors, Scardino replaces Martino Conticelli, current acting head. The appointment took place during the inaugural session of the Management Committee.
At the end of the session, President Fulvio Di Blasio illustrated to the members of the Committee the methodology that the body will adopt to draw up the 2022/2024 Three-Year Operational Plan, which will define the vision of the port network of the future, the development strategy of the Veneto ports and its logistical connection to the production and manufacturing fabric as well as its relationship with the international market.
«Together with all the members of the Management Committee, I would like to wish Antonella Scardino a good job. Considering its proven and consolidated professional experience, I am sure that in the course of its mandate it will know how to give an important contribution to the good and efficient administration of the Agency, it will know how to value and to develop all the functions of the AdSP and the harbour system in its complex – it has declared Di Blasio – and it will be able to contribute to give new impulse and to bring innovation to the management of the operativity of the ports of Venice and Chioggia, being specialized in the harbour and railway logistic fields, energy & utilities, of the economic and special Zones let alone in the processes of digitalization and budgeting of the Public Administration».