TRIESTE – Confindustria Udine and Cosef want to know more about the hypothesis of a Simplified Logistic Zone.
The association of industrialists and the Consortium for the economic development of Friuli have commissioned a consulting firm to draw up a study concerning the drafting of a strategic document for the feasibility of a Simplified Logistic Zone in Friuli.
The SLZ, only one for each region, can also include areas that are not territorially adjacent, provided that there is an economic-functional link in which at least one port area is provided. Among the possible advantages, there could be facilities in terms of tax credits, administrative simplifications, and several strategic elements in terms of access to infrastructure.
A proposal to this effect was put forward on 21 July by the president of Confindustria Udine, Anna Mareschi Danieli, during a hearing in the Region. On that occasion, Mareschi Danieli had stressed the need, with the planned institution of an SLZ in Friuli Venezia Giulia, to connect the regional port system with the territories, particularly those in the Friuli area, which constitute the manufacturing and production heart of Friuli Venezia Giulia. In this way, the institution of the ZSL would combine the regional infrastructural endowments with the productive vocation of the territories, improving the overall competitiveness of the system and generating economic value.
Confindustria Udine, after launching the proposal, has convened a technical table, (with Cosef and some municipalities of the territory) where it was decided the drafting of a strategic document for the feasibility of the project, which has been entrusted to a consulting company and whose results are expected in the short term.
«The establishment of a regional SLZ – says Anna Mareschi Danieli, president of Confindustria Udine – is a concrete opportunity. We have clear ideas about it, and we want to be ready. We are convinced that we must necessarily consider those areas where most of the GDP of our region is produced and which, among other things, insist on one of the largest industrial consortia in the country, Cosef. In our opinion this is the only way to unload on the ground all the potentialities offered by the ZSL. We are facing a complex procedure, which also involves the national government. It is important that the Region continues, as it has done so far, to involve all the territory stakeholders in the subsequent phases of the process».
«The establishment of an SLZ in FVG represents an extraordinary opportunity to connect the logistics system and the territorial production fabric. With 17 million square meters of surface area, 320 established companies and more than 10,500 employees, the Consortium constitutes the axis of Friulian industry,» reiterated Cosef President Claudio Gottardo.
Born in 2018, the Cosef, is a natural interlocutor of the project. In addition, the Consortium has presented the Region with a project to create a logistics hub in the Ziac Industrial Zone to expand import/export operations and the handling of goods passing through Porto Nogaro.