TRIESTE – The first InRail train between Croatia and France reached its destination on 1 July at Creutzwald station (northeastern France on the border with Germany). With over 2,000 km, it is the InRail-operated train with the longest ever journey. The service is carried out in collaboration with Train Hungary in Croatia, Captrain France and ECR in France and transported propylene across three borders and four countries in just 60 hours. Precisely, the service departed from Škrljevo (Croatia), it was operated by InRail in Dobova (border with Slovenia), crossed the Italian border near Villa Opicina (Trieste), then crossed into northern Italy and continued to the border at Ventimiglia, before reaching Miramas and Creutzwald.
InRail, a railway company founded in 2009, has offices in Genoa, Udine and Nova Gorica (Slovenia) and operates services for all goods in Italy, Slovenia and Croatia.