TRIESTE – Good results from the first test in Translate4Rail, translation software to overcome language barriers in the railway field.The experimentation was carried out on the border between Italy and Austria, along the freight train route between Villach (Villach), Tarvisio and Pontebba. In particular, the tests began between June and July on the Italian side (Tarvisio-Pontebba / Pontebba-Tarvisio section), to continue in Austrian territory (Arnoldstein-Villach-Arnoldstein section).
The system is based on a series of predefined messages made available to control personnel and train drivers for communication in operational situations. The experimentation at the Italian-Austrian border allowed the operators involved to understand each other by speaking each one’s mother tongue.
The initiative was promoted by UIC (International Union of Railways) and Railnet Europe (RNE) and features RFI (Italian Railway Network and Rail Cargo Group).
The goal is to improve the performance and the safety of convoys travelling across the border.
The development phase of the Translate4Rail Language Tool will last until November of this year. In these months, the data will be processed based on feedback from train drivers and traffic controllers. Details on using tablets, the translation system and changes for day-to-day operations will be reviewed.