VENICE – An agreement was signed today between the Port Authority and USMAF/SASN to use three spaces of 80 square meters that will host the offices of Maritime Health.
The Port Authority of the Northern Adriatic Sea has made the premises available free of charge to the USMAF/SASN of Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Trentino Alto Adige to ensure the whole operation of the bodies responsible for the control of goods and passengers.
The three rooms are located inside building 448 in Porto Marghera, owned by the Port Authority, and are equipped with telephone and computer wiring. The agreement, which will have a duration of 9 years, provides that all utilities and expenses, including ordinary maintenance, except those relating to telephone and data connection consumption, will be borne by the Authority.
The new location of the USMAF offices, previously located in Building State Building 4 (inside the Vecon terminal), was necessary to ensure the staff to operate the best controls of competence also on some specific types of goods such as medical devices, cosmetics or drugs.