TRIESTE – The new weekly railway service connecting the Port of Trieste with the Interporto-Centro ingrosso of Pordenone started today.
The connection with the container terminal of Molo VII enriches the intermodal network of Friuli Venezia Giulia and consolidates the connectivity with the industrial production areas of Pordenone. Interporto-Centro ingrosso, in fact, plays the role of aggregation pole with the port network of the region, together with all the other intermodal hubs, including Cervignano and the Trieste and Gorizia dry ports.
The service, which will be operated on a weekly basis, is aimed at the several shipping companies that call at the port of Trieste with full-container maritime connections. The service is managed by Alpe Adria Spa, which acts as a “multi-client” intermodal logistic integrator. The train is, therefore, open to anyone who requests it.
This is the continuation of the strategic plan of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, which, in collaboration with the Port Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea, aims at the operational integration of the logistics nodes of the territory with the three regional ports. The goal is to enhance the potential of the entire system at the service of the regional productive areas. A further objective is to increase the competitiveness of companies on the market of commercial flows that interact on the North Adriatic side to and from the markets of Central and Eastern Europe.
The initiative, moreover, favours the transfer to more sustainable modalities of transport, such as the railway, even on medium-short routes within the regional territory, freeing the roads from the transit of heavy vehicles.