TRIESTE – The funds available to the Port of Venice for significant maintenance and electrification work on the quays amount to more than 227 million euros.The investments come from the plan of about 2.8 billion euros put in place by the national government to supplement the Pnrr and other funds from the competent ministry. The State-Regions-City Unified Conference approved the allocation of resources. The Minister of Infrastructures and Sustainable Mobility, Enrico Giovannini, said in no uncertain terms that this is an «unprecedented intervention».

As regards the Port Network Authority of the Northern Adriatic Sea, the largest allocation will concern the electrification of the docks in the areas of Marghera with 57.6 million euros. Another 32.2 million will be used to bring electricity to the Venice quays. In the first case, it is about 30 kilometres of docks with the prospect of also welcoming cruise ships; in the second case, the historic centre and the current cruise terminal. The port of Venice is already equipped with power plants for the production of electricity, so the financed “cold ironing” will make it possible to provide the service without waiting for other interventions.

No less than 55 million euros are destined to improve accessibility to the port by excavating the Malamocco-Marghera canal. In this case, too, with the prospect of welcoming cruise ship traffic.

Just over 35.1 million euros will be available for Venezia Montesyndial (disused industrial areas of Montefibre and Syndial in Porto Marghera), the new container terminal. In fact, the terminal’s construction, in connection with the off-shore project, which is still far from being designed, falls under the so-called Legge Obiettivo. The allocation is an addition to what is already available (a total of about 200 million). One hypothesis is also to move the current container terminals, reserving more space for activities.

For the restoration of the margins of the Casse di colmata B and the restoration of the environmental margins of the north bank of the South Canal will be available 27.5 million euros. These are the dredging tank created in the 50s and 60s of the last century and then not used. Maintenance is necessary because otherwise, they spill material into the Malamocco-Marghera canal.

– With 12 million euros, rail and road upgrades will be implemented at the so-called Via della Chimica junction. The area at the head of the South Canal is involved in interventions to reduce interference between rail and road.

Eight million euros have been earmarked for the new railway bridge over the West Canal, which will make it possible to avoid the Mestre station, reducing the manoeuvre times for the freight station inside the port.