TRIESTE – The Ministry of Ecological Transition has published a public notice to express interest in renewable energy and energy efficiency interventions in ports.In the division of resources for the ports of Northern Italy, the Port Network Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea (Ports of Trieste and Monfalcone) sees 24 million euros available. For the Port Network Authority of the Northern Adriatic Sea (Ports of Venice and Chioggia), the table published by the Ministry foresees instead 22 million.
The announcement also includes funds available to the concessionaires of the two Authorities: 5.5 million for Trieste and 4.5 million for Venice.
The allocation, in total 270 million euros for the ports of Northern Italy, is included in the #Next Generation Italia National Recovery and Resilience Plan.
The notice aims to promote projects to reduce emissions of CO2 and other pollutants associated with the combustion of fossils in ports and port cities.

Seven types of proposals will be able to access the calls:
1-Production of energy from renewable sources
2-Energy efficiency of port buildings
3-Energy efficiency of lighting systems
4-Electric means of transport
5-Interventions on inefficient port energy infrastructures
6-Construction of infrastructures for the use of electricity in the port
7-Methods for reducing emissions, as defined in Article 292 paragraph 2 letter t) of Part V of Legislative Decree 152/2006 subsequent amendments (marine fuels)

The proposals will be evaluated with specific forms already published on the website of the Ministry of Ecology Transition and “The concessions that can be granted regarding the projects declared admissible and financeable at the outcome of the evaluation referred to in point 5.3 below are granted in the form of a direct grant. About the formulation of the economic framework, it should be noted that the costs directly connected and functional to the realization of the proposed project and incurred after the publication of this notice are considered eligible expenses, in line with the Union and national provisions, except for the planning expenses that they are admissible from January 1 2018”.
In any case, it is specified in the notice “… interventions for which a tender notice has been issued at the date of the publication of the expression of interest are not eligible for funding”.
Being part of the PNRR, the interventions must be completed by December 31, 2025.