VENICE – Intesa Sanpaolo and the Port Network Authority of the Northern Adriatic Sea have signed an agreement to develop port activities and the related economy. A ceiling of one billion euros of new credit has been allocated.
In line with the public initiatives envisaged by the PNRR to improve the competitiveness of the port network, the following activities are planned.
– accompanying companies in the evolutionary process towards criteria oriented to ESG – Environment, Social & Governance and Circular Economy principles;
– implementation of initiatives aimed at developing and promoting innovation in the area;
– support for the creation of new enterprises and their growth;
– promotion of structured forms of collaboration in supply chain networks of small, medium-sized and micro enterprises, favouring access to Intesa Sanpaolo’s Supply Chain Programme;
– promotion of new productive investments also as a result of attraction and reshoring activities;
– managerial training in businesses, starting with aspects of innovative finance management;
– encouraging and supporting investments, including foreign ones, that can generate new opportunities for the economic and social development of the area;
– promote the welfare and impact banking initiatives with a view to Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”).
According to research carried out by SRM, the maritime sector in Veneto is of strategic importance, generating 3 billion euros in added value. In 2020, the region’s industries generated more than 22 billion euros in imports and exports by sea: this represents 30% of the region’s total trade, indicating that the production system is highly dependent on maritime logistics and ports.
The region boasts a number of companies working in the freight logistics sector of around 10 thousand, with 82,800 thousand employees.
«The areas of cooperation range from the promotion of innovation (including digital innovation), investment attraction (I’m also thinking of the FTA), subsidised finance and the promotion of sustainable development, topics to which this Authority is increasingly committed,» commented Fulvio Lino Di Blasio, AdSP president.