TRIESTE – After discovering a cave along the construction site, the works for doubling the railway line between Koper and Divača have resumed at full speed.In recent days, the track, serving the Port of Koper, has seen the concrete casting of the first 100 meters of the slab of the third level of the structure of the Glinščica viaduct, a work of 215 meters in length. The operation, rather complex, had to consider the external temperature, which should not exceed 29 degrees.
Moreover, there was no problem with the cave discovered along the railway route, which seemed to be able to cause a slowdown in the works.
The cave found in the area of ​​the T1 tunnel between Divača and Lokev was studied by experts from the Karst Research Institute last week. The Karst Research Institute, authorized to monitor the second track project, has proposed closing the entrance to the cave. The proposal was confirmed by the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia. The cavity, in reality, is not actually located in the area where the track will be built: the works in the area, therefore, continue without any disturbance. The construction company expects to find about ten other large cave systems and about 100 smaller ones, again along the route of the second track. All the karst phenomena discovered will be treated according to the protocol already used in the Republic of Slovenia for many years.