TRIESTE – The Laghezza Group, active in the market of customs operations, lands in Trieste with the acquisition of Levante Srl, which operates in the Friuli Venezia Giulia port of call.
The acquisition of the Trieste company is the result of steady growth of the Group’s activities, which in recent years has invested in innovation, diversification of services and territorial expansion, explains in a note the company, which is present on the entire logistics chain with warehouses, transport and distribution activities.
Levante Srl operates in port services with a strong specialisation in providing services for customs operations and assistance. The Trieste-based company has warehouse spaces within the port area, potentially exploiting the free port regime.
In this way, Laghezza SpA confirms its presence on the national territory, with a network of 20 branches in all the most important ports, airports and logistics hubs in the country, over 500 employees and a turnover of approximately 70 million euros.
The strengthening in Trieste has a twofold significance: the increase of the Group’s presence in a historically emblematic reality for the management of customs services and the expansion towards the East with the hypothesis of enlargement towards the markets with the highest potential growth in Europe.
The acquisition of Levante Srl marks a further step forward in the strategy of strengthening the national market, in all the central strategic ganglia (ports, airports and dry ports) of freight traffic and logistics, pursued in recent years by the Group from La Spezia.
«The acquisition of a structured reality such as Levante Srl, in the Port of Trieste – underlined Alessandro Laghezza, president of Laghezza SpA – marks a further acceleration in the strategic path that has as its goal the achievement of the role of single reference partner for all the activities of our customers at a national level. We share with the previous management the determination to offer high-quality services, an essential basis for strengthening and optimising the business. A significant presence in the port allows us to play a leading role in an increasingly important port network at the European level and the centre of an important project effort».