TRIESTE – The general tesl for what could be a new cruise terminal in Trieste went well: today, the first ship was moored in Porto Vecchio.
The Oceania Cruises Line’s Marina, 239 meters long, 66 thousand tons, with 500 passengers on board and bound for Split, entered this morning to dock at the quay managed by Adria Terminal in the port of call now destined to real estate investments and where cruises would remain the only commercial activity linked to the sea. Disembarkation and embarkation operations will be carried out by a shuttle between Porto Vecchio and the Maritime Station, where the Seven Seas Explorer, leaving tomorrow for Ravenna, is moored today.
C. Steinweg-GMT manages the spaces of the Adria terminal: 90 thousand square metres (28 thousand square metres of warehouse and 62 thousand square metres of open space), with a quay of 570 metres, today dedicated to the traffic of non-ferrous metals and steel. For this concession, expiring next year, there is talk of interest from MSC cruises, which could build a terminal without public investment.
In the meantime, the MSC Poesia detached from Molo VII (where she was spending a period of stop at Berth 57) managed by Trieste Marine Terminal at the New Port to make room for the needs of Trieste Terminal Passeggeri. A section of the quay on Molo Bersaglieri at the Maritime Station is undergoing restructuring. Tomorrow, finally, at the Maritime Station in the city centre will land – as expected from the cruise season to the end – the Costa Deliziosa.
Therefore, the strike at the commercial port does not seem to have had any repercussions on cruises, which continue to visit Trieste as planned. The situation in Monfalcone is different, where MSC has decided to bring back to Venice the ships scheduled for this weekend for fear of not being able to manage dock operations due to union demonstrations against the Green Pass obligation, which came into force today.