TRIESTE – The concession to C. Steinweg-GMT srl, which obtains a new warehouse in the Old Port of Trieste, will expire in 2023 and not in 2022.
The company that manages the Adriaterminal has taken advantage of the possibility of extending the concession until 2023, thanks to the extension that can be used in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic. In recent weeks, meanwhile, it has also requested and obtained permission to use, until February 2023, warehouse 5 of the Punto Franco Vecchio (with a surface area of 6,881 square meters), for the storage of various goods. The structure will be used for the activities already underway by Genoa metal terminal, as confirmed by the Managing Director, Andrea Bartalini.
Today, the terminal, which is the only strictly port activity remaining in the Porto Vecchio area, deals with non-ferrous metals, iron and steel products, and forestry traffic. The total surface of the concession is 90 thousand square meters, of which 28 thousand of warehouses and 62 thousand of open space, while the quay measures 570 meters.
Two are the focal points for the future of these spaces: the perspective of the Port Authority to allocate the spaces to a cruise terminal (there has been talk for some time of the interest of MSC that could deal with the realization) and the need for GMT to find a more suitable space. The viability and rail connection are in fact the Achilles’ heel of the terminal, which has been giving satisfaction for several years now. «It is true, we are dialoguing with the Port Authority – explains Bartalini – on the cruise issue. But we would like a more suitable site within the Port, with a rail connection, otherwise, we cannot compete with other ports. Precisely for this reason, we have already lost customers».
In the last few days, Adriaterminal has been the protagonist of a somehow historical event for the city of Trieste, which for the first time has welcomed on its quay a big cruise ship. It was a sort of dress rehearsal for what should happen when GMT’s concession expires.
Today, it is difficult to understand which spaces will be able to accommodate the activity, which in Trieste enjoys the advantages of the Metal Exchange but has always been limited by the question of road and rail connections.
In the meantime, the Authority has also re-proposed the tender to sell the four cranes located along the Adriaterminal moorings in Porto Vecchio. This is not the first time that this has been attempted, but so far the mechanical equipment (purchased at the time for 24.5 billion lire) does not seem to interest any operator.
Today, the total amount at auction is 136,200 euros, including accessory equipment. At 12.00 noon on November 8, the deadline for submission (up from the base price) of bids expires, while the tender procedures will be carried out the following day. Among the documents to be submitted, also a preliminary project with a related Safety Plan and an indication of the expected timing for the removal of the cranes.