TRIESTE – An Adriafer locomotive today carried out a technical and functional test of the railway system at the Logistics Platform of the Port of Trieste.
The locomotive, connected to some wagons, ran the link between the external line and the tracks of the logistics platform managed by HHLA. «We had the opportunity, thanks to the cooperation of Adriafer and the entire port community who gave us a hand in the authorization and start-up process, of this technical and functional test of the railway system», explained Antonio Barbara, managing director of HHLA PLT Italy.
The technical details of the Logistics Platform’s rail park are thus taking shape, with four tracks per 300 metres each and the capacity for six daily full train circulations. Adriafer, a subsidiary of the Port Authority and sole operator of the rail shunting in the Port of Trieste, will carry out the shunting operations.
«This is an important operation because it finally allows us to expand our catchment area», added Barbara, «towards destinations that go deeper into Central and Eastern Europe».
In the meantime, Ro-Ro traffic is on the rise, also thanks to the cooperation with the nearby terminal managed by DFDS and Samer Shipping, which just recently asked for new spaces in the port area.