MONFALCONE – The Liebherr-LHM 550 mobile crane, which until yesterday had been located at Molo VII in Trieste, was unloaded this morning at the port of Monfalcone. The crane, owned by Compagnia Portuale di Monfalcone, had been rented to Trieste Marine Terminal when the two companies were still part of the same TO Delta Group. Today CPM revolves around F2i (the national investment fund) and, more precisely, in FHP (F2i Holding Portuale) and has already started, together with MarterNeri (same owner), a series of investments for the relaunch of the port of call. The crane in question, with a capacity of 144 tons, an outreach of 54 meters and a lifting speed of up to 120 meters per minute, is the twin of the one already on the dock at CPM‘s disposal. In Trieste, it had supported TMT’s brief experience in the traffic that MSC had tried to set up from Molo VII to Turkey with Ro-Ro ships. Today it comes back home not only to be used mainly for unloading and embarking slabs, steel products and cellulose but also to increase project cargo, a characteristic of the port of Monfalcone. The port’s commercial traffic has recently hit the headlines for the conflict with cruise ships and for FHP’s willingness to invest heavily in men and means. On the sidelines the controversy also on the use of Article 17 that a shipping company called into question on  for the alleged lack of professionalism. «I have to say that Article 17 in Monfalcone – Giancarlo Russo, executive director of FHP in Monfalcone, says – is one of the most functional I have seen in Italy. The arrival of cruises has created a tsunami, but I have great confidence in Zeno D’Agostino (president of the Eastern Adriatic Sea Authority, ed.). A solution will be found».